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Q:  Lawrence what have you been up to?

A:   I'm working on a new, group of characters for another graphic novel.

Q:  Any chance you'll be creating more of your polished, metal sculptures?

A:  It's possible. If the right project came along, or if I get an idea I can't imagine
     doing any other way.
Q:  What is an average price for one of your polished, all-metal sculptures?

A:  AMS: Four Hundred USD Per Vertical Inch.
     Mixed Media - Hand Painted - One Hundred USD Per Vertical Inch

Q: What is your new graphic novel about?

A:   It's loosely based on the travels of Marco Polo.

Q:  You did another comic called, "Motorcycle Girl" right?

A:  Yes. I've made a couple of other Graphic Novels, "Approching Nowhere" & "Motorcycle Girl."
     All my figurative work developed with its own narrative. It felt natural to eventually combine
     the three dimensional works with these stories. I've always enjoyed comics, so I chose to begin
     working in this medium. Like the sculptures I've created over the years I simply got started
     and figured it out as I went along. It's very much a work in progress.

Q:  Who are some of the artists that have influenced you?

A:  Visual artists, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Roy Lichtenstein, Jack Kirby, Robert Williams, Jim Woodring, Milo Manara, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri,
     Frank Frazetta, Eduardo Paolozzi, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Rowland Emett, Rube Goldberg, Terry Gilliam, Wes Anderson, Charles Burns, Wally        Wood, Hajime Sorayama and Don Martin.

     Music more than anything, breathes the life into everything I do.  Artists like James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Ruth Brown, Al Green, Slim Harpo,
     BB King, Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Mayall, The Blind Boys of Alabama, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Roy                Orbinson and Leonard Cohen (to name only a few) have profoundly influenced my work.



Polished - All Metal - Sculptures
Process pictures - Height: Thirty Inches